La Señorita official video La Se n Orita - An Overview

Roosevelt: Jorge, I’m really sorry but Juliana presently advised you she didn’t need to go. Leave her on your own.

Narradora: El famoso caso Robe Wade de 1973, devino en la legalización del aborto. Mas tarde, Doe V. Borton permitió el aborto se hiciera en cualquiera de los 9 meses del embarazo.

Hombre 1: Son las escrituras las que nos indican cuando comienza la vida y el valor que Dios le otorga a la vida humana. Si analizas el testimonio de David en el Salmo 139, donde dice “Coces mi cuerpo sin forma y me tejes en el vientre de mi madre, todos los días de mi vida fueron ordenados ante mi antes de que ninguno de ellos tuviera lugar”, esta hablando de la relación que Dios tenia con el, cuando estaba todavía en el vientre materno.

sabre Ids ciclos de la vida, The journey of the dandelion fluff evokes a haiku regarding the cycles of lifestyle. La liga de los imperfectos

El Tratado de Libertad de Elección, también conocida como TLE, suplantaría toda ley area o estadal que regule el aborto, anulándolas.

y productor varios cortometrajes, como "El mal necesario' seleccionado en diversos festivales y gana-

Lucrecia: Foolish, if You need to create a phone, make use of the landline. At least until eventually I can get you a brand new mobile phone.

Juliana: No, don’t you accuse my mom. It is actually me that's saying that you've ulterior motives hidden at the rear of your awesome gestures. But I'm about to warn you, don’t mess with my sister, since Should you be placing her up, or leaving her hanging at any position, who’re gonna have to cope with me.

Manuela: No, Sanson let ma chat please. Pay attention that final discover this issue I would like at this time would be to get into an argument with you, specially In the end the progress we’ve produced as close friends. I would like to solve Sergio’s issue but I promise that the solution gained’t be him remaining right here. Let me talk with him be sure to.

Sergio: Manuela be sure to don’t say you could’t support me you should, that’s why I arrived, to talk to for your personal assist, I would like you to definitely allow me to stay.

Roosevelt: Well don’t beat by yourself in The pinnacle any more. Why don’t we go to the pool and mingle with Every person.

Pola: Sure, you’re suitable you know? One should seize chances Anytime they get there, Which’s what I am gonna do. Truly, Jorge will almost certainly Learn the way far Pola Saavedra is ready to go.

najes, como aquel que se sienta a contemplar el mar. It truly is over an essay concerning the envisioned, "DefrAs del Mar"

Ceci: Mom I needed to apologize for what occurred the opposite working day on the restaurant with, very well with Gabriela and along with your Close friend Hercules.

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